It’s Okay

A few years ago I knew a girl who was the friendliest person on this earth. She could put a smile on my face and the faces of everyone she’d met. She didn’t have a single care in the world and she was a very happy go lucky person.

She would always help me think rationally about my problems and tell me that things would get better in time. I always wondered how she managed to keep so positive when most people who spoke to her would try to bring her down. I admired her so much.

I lost contact with her a while ago which is quite sad because I knew her inside out. She never had a bad word to say about anyone, she didn’t judge people negatively and always had positive things to say. 

She would hit a crisis and would know exactly how to deal with it, she would try to be the peace keeper through any disagreements people she knew had. 

That girl was me.

Times have changed and I’ve grown in weird ways, I can’t rationally think about my problems anymore – I always assume the worst. I don’t trust anyone as much as I used to. I still don’t know how I managed to be the one who kept everyone’s heads floating above the water when I was drowning trying to do that. 

It’s okay though.

We all change at somepoint, sometimes in ways we wish we hadn’t. But these changes always better us in the future.

It’s okay to be sad sometimes.

It’s okay to not know how to fix the world’s problems.

It’s okay to make mistakes.

It’s what you do after all of these that is the main thing.

It’s okay.

If Kiwi can cope, so can you. 



Author: KiwiCanCope

Kiwi | 20 | South England | NHS I'm a tattoo fanatic. This blog is honest, brutal and possibly upsetting to some readers.

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