Why Being Single Is Better

Admit it, whenever you’ve been single you’ve missed the cosy nights in with someone. You’ve envied the sickly inlove couple walking hand in hand down the street. Heck, you’ve probably even missed the entirety of your bed being taken up by a heffalump! (I definitely do NOT miss that!)

However, regardless of how loved up I’ve been in relationships. It always seemed to be the time that my single girlfriends would have the best times ever. They’d be going on holidays, going on nights out and being completely carefree… I sometimes envied that. The fact that they could have a laugh, speak to whoever and stay out until whenever with not a care in the world!

Now, I’m not saying I envied them because they had the freedom to flirt with whoever they wanted etc… But more for the fact that I’m a free spirit. I don’t like being told what to do, I don’t like being given rules. I want to be able to run my own life exactly how I like it.

If that’s sprawling on my bed naked, eating an entire tub of Ben and Jerry’s while crying at Pretty Woman, so be it!

If that’s me wanting to focus on my career, move into my own home, own two Frenchies and have an entire room dedicated to my love for the Alien films, then so be it!

I don’t want jealousy right now, I don’t want to settle down right now. I don’t want anyone other than myself right now and that’s perfect for me.

I have spent more time in the past 2 weeks with the closest people to me than I ever did while I was in an 8 month relationship. It feels amazing to be able to see my friends literally whenever I want, head to the pub for a few drinks and a laugh.

It’s amazing to be able to starfish on my king size bed with my little fluffball Noah. It’s nice to feel like the weight of the world is no longer on my shoulders. 
I’ve found the old me that I’ve been looking for. It feels fucking amazing!

If Kiwi can cope, so can you.



Author: KiwiCanCope

Kiwi | 20 | South England | NHS I'm a tattoo fanatic. This blog is honest, brutal and possibly upsetting to some readers.

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