It’s The Little Things That Count

We’re so wrapped up in our busy day to day lives that we forget to appreciate things that are all around us. 

I always see people rushed off their feet, heading from A to do B then to pick up C to go back to A again like robots. Day in, day out with no time to breathe. 
These people miss the little things, the person that could have smiled at them if they had looked up rather than looking into their lap gazing into the depressing world of Facebook.  The person with their headphones in who misses the guy in the small town shopping center playing his guitar so effortlessly. 
I always make sure I have time to enjoy these little moments, the ones you will remember for a very long time.

I remember walking through the field close to my house one morning before school a few years ago in Winter. Not a single footprint was in that snow other than the ones behind me, following my every step.

These little things always go unnoticed. If you find yourself missing these little things, make time for them. When you’re travelling to work, notice the person who holds the door open for you. Notice the person who tells you that you have toilet paper stuck under your shoe. Say hello to the elderly couple at the bus stop.

Believe me, these gestures will stay in your memory and theirs far longer than any boring commute to work.

You don’t need to have a lavish lifestyle to appreciate the simplicity of everything in the World. You just need a moment. 

If Kiwi can cope, so can you.



Author: KiwiCanCope

Kiwi | 20 | South England | NHS I'm a tattoo fanatic. This blog is honest, brutal and possibly upsetting to some readers.

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